Weathering The Storm... Erika

August 28, 2015


As Erika approaches we Floridians do not seem to be panicked. For us these storms are common place; even giving us a chance to hunker down in our warm beds or play board games with our families while we listen to the wind and rain pound down around us. We have become numb to the deadly consequences and trauma these storms can have as if we are immune. Erika has already cause deaths yet we think that it will not happen to us. As much as the  24 news channels try to cause hysteria we just go about our lives. We may head off to the grocery store for our milk and eggs but that is just a minor inconvenience. 

Erika is coming a week after the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I was reminded of this as I watched Anderson Cooper last night on CNN recount the terrible tragedies on his show. I wept as the stories of so much suffering overwhelmed me. I felt as helpless as I did watching the coverage 10 years ago. It made me think of two clients I worked with. I was the Admissions Director of a treatment facility that specialized in trauma. Although these two clients walked away from the storm and their families had survived they were forever scarred. They were witness to the death and destruction of their communities. Thank goodness they had the opportunity to go through intensive counseling to work through the traumatic events and the survivors guilt. 

Mother Nature doesn't care about our social status, our race or religion. The grief of losing someone in the eye of a hurricane, the tunnel of the tornado, the path of a wildfire, or on the mountain of an avalanche has got to be devastating for those who survive. 

So even though I'm sure Erika will pass thru with minimal damage I will continue to pray for so many people who have not been so lucky.  I will pray Erika will pass thru and cause minimal damage but more importantly I will pray for all that have suffered from the loss and trauma of Natural Disasters and make a donation to The Red Cross.

Please stay safe,
Michelle Quinton

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