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Be There For Your Clients...

Become a Certified Trauma Therapist® or a Certified Trauma Professional® through the landmark 5-module training course approved for graduate, undergraduate and continuing education credits.


Certification Dates

2023/2024 Training Cycle
Mod1: August 24th-28th, 2023 in Searcy, AR 
Hosted  by Capstone Treatment Center
Mod 2: October 21st-25th, 2023 in Salt Lake City, UT 
Hosted by Balance House
Mod 3: December 14th-18th, 2023 in Wilmington, NC 
Hosted by Momentum Recovery

Mod 4: February 9th-13th, 2024 in Ocala, FL
Hosted by The Guest House Ocala
Mod 5: April 18th-22nd, 2024  in Saint Augustine, FL
Hosted by Augustine Recovery 
ALL DATES ARE subject to change 

Certification Overview

Through each module students learn practical assessments, up-to-date approaches to treatment, and essential intervention techniques for treating clients. Each training module is designed to not only explain the different holistic approaches used in treating trauma survivor, but to actually allow the participants to learn from their own experiences during the training. This process will allow for growth, acceptance and open the participants eyes to the vast number of approaches used in trauma treatment. Each 5-day training module goes well beyond lectures, including group sessions and hands-on experiential training to truly prepare you for addressing the deep psychological wounds that are so often inadequately treated.
Module One

An Introduction to Trauma & Treatment, Intervention Techniques, Definitions and Implications in Process Addictions, Experiential Activities, Intense Group Work and Processing Skills for Own Practice.

Module Two
Internal Family Systems, Methods & Modalities for Treating Trauma, Cognitive Behavioral Approaches, Expressive Therapy and Other Pertinent Experiential Approaches Geared toward Affect Regulation.
Module Three

Process Addiction Interventions,

– Sex/Love Addiction, Gambling/Financial Addictions, Self-Harming Behaviors and Eating Disorders.


Module Four

Focus on Experiential Modalities including Adventure Therapy, Music Therapy, Cinema Therapy, Equine Therapy, Art Therapy, Breathwork and Psychodrama. 

Module Five

Review of Previous Topics and Practicing Implementation of Learned Skills Successfully in One’s Own Practice, Review of Assessment Skills Identifying the Signs and Symptoms that Require Inpatient Treatment Referral.


Supervision is mandatory for completion of the training and is approximately 20 hours long. Supervision can be completed via telephone, email, Skype, or face-to-face and will be where participants discuss cases with a certified supervisor.


Spirit2Spirit’s trauma certification training is internationally known and recognized. From 2011 to 2013, Spirit2Spirit traveled to South Africa and hosted trainings at Harmony Clinic . Our facilitator not only trained the Harmony Clinic staff but many other South Africa clinicians as well. Our goal is to continue to bring up to date knowledge and cutting edge therapeutic modalities to other countries in the coming years. Please contact us today and find out more about our international trainings.




“Experiential learning is so powerful and leaves you marked with knowledge, insight and emotion” 
-Dominique: Cape Town, South Africa

“When I arrived in Blueridge, GA for a week long intensive I had reached an emotional bottom that I didn't think I could recover from. Everyone stood behind me as I took the first steps towards healing. Thank you for showing me the way...”  
-Bill: Delray Beach, FL

“Spirit2Spirit has taken addiction treatment in South Africa to a different level.”  
-Steven: Hout Bay, South Africa

“The seven-day Intensive healed me from 35 years of suffering from childhood trauma. I am free from the pain, anger and the constant stress I fought for so long. I can finally breathe. What a gift.” 
-West: South Riding, VA
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