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 Spirit2Spirit Trauma Treatment


Our goal is to help our participants safely confront unresolved trauma and help them make space in their lives for all of the good things life has to offer. We work with both those with and without chemical dependency issues. We have also found this program extremely beneficial for the family and loved ones of those who have dealt with addiction in the family or had family members that have been through inpatient treatment, as the events that typically lead up to one being admitted to treatment can be quite overwhelming for the family as a whole.


Healing Trauma Retreats


The Trauma Healing Retreat provides an intimate setting to focus on a wide variety of issues including grief and loss, difficulties in relationships, and spirituality/emotional disconnection. Additionally, the workshops address and begin to confront addictive behaviors commonly associated with trauma survivors such as, codependency, sex and love addiction, eating disorders, process addictions, substance abuse, and financial disorders. Utilizing the experiential theories and holistic approaches, Spirit2Spirit Healing Retreats give clients a tremendous boost in their therapeutic process and offer a safe place to work on unresolved trauma.


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