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Ready to Live?
If you are ready, please download this file, fill it out, and email your completed forms to Kat: If you prefer, we can complete the application over the phone. Please call/email to schedule a time to do this.

Attending a retreat? Here are some things you need to know. 


We are so happy to have you all join us for this amazing opportunity to learn!

Below is some general information about what you will need to pack and where you are going.

We need to know what time to expect you; so please send us your flight schedules and estimated arrival and departure times. 

If you are flying into Orlando or Tampa (or any other airport), please arrange your transportation from the airport to the hotels. Most often, people rent cars. You will need to get to/from the retreat every day and to/from the airport (if applicable).


There will be other participants renting cars so you may be able to share rides if you stay at the same hotel, but we cannot guarantee that. If you rent a car and want me to email all the participants or share your contact details to coordinate rideshares, please let me know.


If you need a shuttle from the airport check out: for Orlando and .


You can also contact Sober Escorts at: 877.218.3800 or 352.236.0127 or

Patti Carpenter, BALANCED4LIFE, INC, 813-451-9769 



Please call the hotels directly to reserve your room through them rather than central reservations.: The Hilton Ocala, (352) 854-1400,The Holiday Inn Silver Springs, (352) 304-6111, and The Holiday Inn Ocala, (352) 629-9500. Please tell them you want to receive the Spirit2Spirit corporate rate and that you will be paying for the room. You are welcome to find your own accommodation selection, we just encourage participants to stay together so they can have that bonding time. We recommend arriving to your hotel the night before we begin since we will start first thing Thursday am. We will complete the intensive by 5pm. Since many people travel from out of state, they often book their flights to depart the day after the Intensive ends and stay close to the airport that night. We will expect your departure to be after the intensive completion, but you will need to coordinate your check out time with your hotel.

Suggested Packing List


  • Please pack comfortable clothes/shoes and layer-able clothes.

  • Please bring athletic clothing and shoes for Yoga and Breath work

  • You may want to bring a bathing suit and a refillable water bottle

  • You may want to bring clothing for going out to dinner 

  • Please bring flip flops or slippers if you would like them to wear around rooms, etc.

  • Please check the weather before packing

  • Please bring all toiletries that you will need

We would also like you to bring:
  • A few pictures of yourself (baby pictures and current if you have them)

  • Picture of your family

  • A Notebook and Pen

  • Any therapeutic notes, testing or evaluation that you want to share with our therapists

  • You are welcome to bring your cell phone, tablet and/or laptop, but you may not bring them into the therapeutic processes. If you feel it will disconnect you from the experience or you have challenges with these devices we recommend that you either don’t bring them or find a way to secure them until after the intensive is over.

  • Any medication you have needs to be kept in your room and secured by you.

  • Please do not bring expensive valuables as we cannot be responsible for them. 


Most Importantly Please Bring Open Minds & Open Hearts. 

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