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Attending to a Certification?
Here are some things you need to know!


We are so happy to have you join us for this amazing opportunity to learn!

Below is some general information about what you will need to pack and where you are going.

We need to know what time to expect you; so please send us your flight schedules and estimated arrival and departure times. 

Since each Module is hosted in a different location, please contact Kat for specific details relating to the individual Module.

Typically, the specific location, hotel and airport information etc. will be sent out 1 month prior to the start of the Module to the


participants who are registered.



Please call the hotels directly to reserve your room through them rather than central reservations and ask for the room block reserved by the host. You are welcome to find your own accommodation selection, we just encourage participants to stay together so they can have that bonding time. We recommend arriving to your hotel the night before the first day of the Module.  We usually start each day at 9 am but please refer to your information packet for each module. We will complete the Modules by 5 pm on the fifth day.

If you do not stay until the end of the Module you will not receive your certificate.

Since many people travel from out of state, they often book their flights to depart the day after the training ends so they have time to spend with the other participants rather than rushing out. We will expect your departure to be after the training completion, but you will need to coordinate your check out time with your hotel if not staying the night.

Suggested Packing List:
  • Please pack comfortable clothes/shoes and layer-able clothes.

  • You may want to bring a bathing suit and a refillable water bottle

  • You may want to bring clothing for going out to dinner 

  • You may want to wear socks, flip-flops or slippers during the training to be comfy

  • Please check the weather before packing

  • Please bring all toiletries that you will need

We would also like you to bring:
  • A Notebook and Pen

  • You are welcome to bring your cell phone, tablet and/or laptop, but please be respectful, and have them turned off. 

  • Any medication you have needs to be kept in your room and secured by you.

  • Please do not bring expensive valuables as we cannot be responsible for them. 

If you wish to attend this training, you must complete an application, fax/scan it to me and pay a $500 deposit. The final payment is due no later than a week before the Module begins. A link will be emailed to you once you have informed us that you want to attend. We have limited spaces for the modules with a max of 20 typically and they fill up very quickly. The only way to secure a spot is to put down a deposit. It is first come first served; however, we give preference to our participants who have started the training with module 1 and are committed to completing all 5 modules. We often have a waiting list. We do not allow new participants to begin after Module 2. It is our preference for participants to complete these training's sequentially, but there is some flexibility. If you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to call: 352-816-5330 

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