What's Coming Up?




Tentative Dates

Nov 12th -16th, 2020 in Palm Springs, CA-  Cancelled due to COVID

2021 Training Cycle

ALL OF THESE DATES ARE TO BE DETERMINED and dependent on the COVID situation in each location. Our priority is safety

Mod 1 Dates TBD, 2021 in Nashville, TN -TBD

Hosted by Cumberland Heights 

Mod 2 Dates TBD, in Searcy, AR -TBD

Hosted by Capstone Treatment Center 

Mod 3 Dates TBD, 2021 in Kent, CT -TBD

Hosted by High Watch Treatment Center 
Mod 4 Dates TBD, 2021 in Ocala, FL -TBD
Hosted by The Guest House Ocala
Mod 5 Dates TBD, 2021 in St. Augustine, FL 
Hosted by The Augustine Recovery Center

        Due to the COVID-19 safety recommendations from the WHO, CDC, and State & Local Governments, we have made the difficult decision to cancel some of our Healing Trauma Retreats and Trauma Trainings to best protect each other. Once we have more information regarding  future events, we will update this site. 

       During this difficult time we want to wish you and your loved ones good health and well being. Please keep yourselves physically, mentally and emotionally safe during these challenging times.

Spirit2Spirit Healing was founded on the principle of “teaching people how to heal so they can learn how to grow”, and move past your emotional traumas. Our goal is to help participants or clients identify their “Soul Wound” using holistic, experiential, emotional and spiritual treatments. Healing Retreats will guide you on a Healing Journey that will let you Resolve your trauma, Evolve beyond your trauma and allow you to Heal.

​Why a Spirit2Spirit Retreat?

Spirit2Spirit Healing Retreats are designed to help people start the journey. Through intensive emotional and spiritual treatments, we stand with them as they unravel and understand their trauma and how it shapes and leads them along the path toward healing and recovery.

What are We Talking About Today?

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August 9, 2017

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August 7, 2017

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August 4, 2017

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